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The Development of Conscious Body Symptom Work, and its Efficacy in Client Outcomes

Part I of this article describes the development of “Conscious Body,” a method developed by Judith Hendin that focuses on body symptoms and diseases to find the hidden “self behind the symptom.” Part II analyzes the effectiveness of the Conscious Body approach. Part III compares Conscious Body to other body-psyche methods.

An earlier version of this article was published in the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal, 8 (2), 2009.

The Energy Medicine of Selves

This is the opening chapter in Judith Hendin's book, The Self behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us, 2008.

Conscious Body Stories

Three short examples demonstrate how discovering the “self behind the symptom” resolves physical symptoms and expands our lives.

Inside a Conscious Body Session

This brief story illustrates the richness of a Conscious Body session.

Conscious Body for Coaches

By Judith Hendin and Myriam Ladeuze, 2016

This article describes how business and life coaches may use the Conscious Body technique to address their clients’ physical symptoms, and where the boundaries lie.

Conscious Body and the Energy Medicine of Selves

This chapter by Judith Hendin appeared in the book, The Voice Dialogue Anthology: Explorations in the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego (Albion, CA: Delos, 2012).


Estonian - Intro to CB

French - Le Corps Conscient en Coaching

Traduit par Myriam Ladeuze

Italian - Nascita e Sviluppo del Conscious Body

Traduzione di Caterina Danielli



Dance for Peace

Written for World Peace Day, this poem honors the opposites in ourselves and in the world.

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