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Information for Organizers

of Trainings, Workshops & Lectures

Judith Hendin is a dynamic, brilliant, and entertaining teacher and speaker who is known for her warmth, humor, and insight.

Judith Hendin is available to teach trainings and give lectures worldwide in: 

Role of Training Organizer

IN-PERSON: Hosting a training or workshop calls for organizational planning on your end. The planning includes: finding a suitable location, advertising the training, gathering participants, arranging accommodations, dealing with local transportation, etc. It may also include providing various supports for Judith Hendin, such as hiring translators.

ONLINE: Hosting an online training also calls for organizational planning, which includes: gathering participants, taking payments, and, when necessary, translating emails and providing translators for the training. Participants can gather together in one place, or they can each be on their own computer in their own space.

Note: Online trainings of Conscious Body and CB Trauma Work will be available for introductory level and supervision groups only. Higher levels of these trainings will be conducted in person.

“It is always a joy teaching trainings and workshops internationally. For the past ten years, Organizers have stepped in to craft and plan these trainings, and each one has been a rich and unique experience. So, potential organizers, I welcome you to these programs, and would be glad to teach for you, either by traveling to your location, or meeting online.”

Judith Hendin

If you decide to have a training, Judith Hendin will send you further information that will serve to make the organization process simple and easy.

Please contact us if you're interested in having Judith Hendin teach in your area or online.

Feedback from Previous Organizers

“I just have to say that it's such a pleasure working and being with you."

Andrea Naurath

Coach / Actress

Director of Voice

Dialogue Berlin


“It is with great satisfaction and deep gratitude that I look back on your visit and the time we all spent together.”

Marijke Leys 

Psychotherapist / Trainer

Director of Voice Dialogue Institute Belgium 


“I received great feedback from the participants. They had a big, strong and deep experience! Thank you for all you did, and for all you taught us.”

Elena Dragotto

Counselor / Psychologist

Director of Institute HeskaiHer

Voice Dialogue Counseling School


“It was great to have you over with us in our Dutch center and to learn from you. I loved the way you worked with us. You have this tremendously caring way of healing people and your teachings are excellent. I can highly recommend you.”

Judith Budde

Co-author of Me, My Selves and I

and Handboek Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue Teacher / Coach


“Thank you, Judith, for your wonderful energy and for all the support you gave me throughout the process of organizing the seminar. For me it was an invaluable experience! The response of the seminar participants was impressive. Some of them sent me emails with expressions of their gratitude!”

Sonja Gorup

Integrative Psychotherapist


“You and your work and your being are a blessing for people all over the world.” 

Merike Kärm

Body-Mind Therapist

Voice Dialogue Facilitator