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International Facilitators

Judith Hendin is happy to introduce you to these esteemed colleagues.

Most offer Voice Dialogue, and some offer Conscious Body as well.


It is a networking roster that will help you connect with interesting and knowledgeable people from around the world to begin, or continue, your own explorations.

These do not represent recommendations. If you choose to contact someone on this list, it is your responsibility to determine whether this is the right person for you.

Ana Barner - Transpersonal Dialogue International - Offers Voice Dialogue as a transformational practice. Relationship coaching, individual sessions, professional supervision, phone sessions and classes. Seminars and trainings in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Location: Australia - Byron Bay, New South Wales
Telephone: 61-(0)2-6684 7158 or 61-(0)410 740 420

Myriam Ladeuze - “First intrigued by how the psyche influences our daily lives, I've since become passionate. In 1999, after 15 years working in various companies as an engineer, I began extensive training in psychotherapy. I came across Voice Dialogue in 2004, and it was a magnificent encounter. Since then, I've used it as much for my own personal process as in my profession as a business coach and psychotherapist.”
Location: Rue de Béclines, 33, B-1435 Mont-saint-guibert, Belgium
Telephone: +32 10 65 95 11 or GSM +32 496 51 04 89

Marijke Leys - Director, Voice Dialogue Instituut. Offers training and coaching for individuals and organizations. Voice Dialogue Facilitator Trainings at all levels. Voice Dialogue Groups and general conferences.
Location: Tienen, Belgium
Telephone: 00 32 477 25 75 50

Merike Kärm - Body-Mind Therapist and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Offers sessions and workshops. “I have studied pedagogy and teaching and was active for 15 years in the education system. My therapy experiences and trainings started in 2000 and have been like small streams that have been fallen into my Life River. Today I flow there with Voice Dialogue, Conscious Body and Core Evolution with love and gratitude to my wonderful teacher, clients and to the Life.”
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 56242377



Geneviève Cailloux et Pierre Cauvin - Fondateurs, Osiris Conseil, Création 1989. 

Formation : École de Coaching INTELLIGENCE DE SOI®, Types de Personnalité jungiens/CCTI®, Dialogue Intérieur. Coaching, cohésion d'équipe.

-- Founders of Osiris Conseil, created 1989.

Training: Coaching school "The Intelligence of Self" (European Quality Award), Jungian Personality Types/CCTI®, Voice Dialogue. Coaching, Team Cohesiveness.

​Adresse: 33 rue du Montoir -F - 77670 - Vernou, France (près, near Paris)

Téléphone: Geneviève: +33 6 10 19 21 95.  Pierre: +33 6 07 16 60 34.

Email: ; ;


Theres Grau - Certified Rolfer, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, writer, and musician.
Location: Strassburger Strasse 11, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49-(0)30-23180189

Andrea Naurath - Director, Center for Voice Dialogue Berlin. Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Trainer, Conscious Body Facilitator, coach, and actress.
Location: Rosenheimer Strasse 38, Berlin, 10781 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +493021969766

Silvana Borile, MTP (Master of Transformational Psychology) - Offers counseling in Relational Psychology and Voice Dialogue. Has presented for over 40 years in the fields of relationships and personal growth. Teaches in counseling schools and conducts groups on multiple issues. Author of numerous articles and the book Interpreting and Directing the Dreams, with a new book, I Was Born Polyhedric and I Didn’t Know, coming soon.

Location: Milano, Italy

Telephone: 0039 320 155 0635



Elena Dragotto - Voice Dialogue for individuals and couples. Trainings in the Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue. Workshops about feminine themes for women; workshops on gender themes and relationships; and workshops for actors.
Location: Roma, Italy
Telephone: 0039 347 3626787

Ineke Dunselman, Counseling Psychology M.A. – Ineke offers individual counseling-therapy sessions (also by phone), with an eclectic approach: Counseling Psychology, Voice Dialogue, Conscious Body, NLP (Master Practitioner), Hypnosis, HeartMath (Clinical Practitioner), Rogerian Person-Centered Approach. She also offers trainings, such as: International Action for Excellence International (AEI) Teambuilding Trainings and professional AEI Train the Trainer education, Thomas Gordon’s (Peace) Communication Trainings and consulting for parents (PET), health care, social workers, teachers (TET), management (LET), personal and professional development (PPD).

Ineke is originally from the Netherlands and has now settled in Tuscany, near Lucca. For the past thirty years she has lived and worked in ten different countries and feels inspired by her work (and study) in multicultural settings. Some themes that inspire her in her work and life include deepening consciousness and (self-) healing; humor; heart-mind balance and stress reduction, creating trusting, effective relationships (with a special interest in parent-child communication and health care); and win-win conflict resolution.

Ineke looks forward to connecting with any and all of you who are interested in exploring the next levels of personal and interpersonal growth. She says, “Let’s contribute to peace in small and practical ways.”

Languages: She works in Dutch, English, Italian, and also speaks German and French.

Location: Tuscany, Italy; and The Netherlands

Telephone: 00 39 329 44 88 483


Judith Budde - Director of het Balkon, trainer, coach, Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Co-author of Me, My Selves and I: Discovering Other Sides of Yourselves with Voice Dialogue, with Karin Brugman and Berry Collewijn. Co-author of Drama in bedrijf. Works with Voice Dialogue in the business area and teaches Voice Dialogue to trainers and coaches.
Location: Vasse (OV), The Netherlands
Telephone: 0031-(0)-541-518194

Toos van Huijgevoort - Psychotherapist, employing techniques of Empowerment, Voice Dialogue, Client-Centered Psychotherapy, and Conscious Body. Supervisor and professor of the ZKM (Self-knowledge method).
Location: Rosmalen, The Netherlands
Telephone: 09058406725


Voice Dialogue Institut Basel, Cordula Frei, Director

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Telephone: +49 (0) 152 22654005



Mary Disharoon, MA, MFT - Mary practices psychotherapy in northern California and specializes in Voice Dialogue with individuals and couples. She has many years of experience creatively working with life and relationship issues. Her latest contribution is her Conscious Eating SelvesWork, which can shift someone out of their tug-of-war between the inner parts that restrict by dieting and the inner parts that comfort by over-eating, so they can open to a new process of awareness that will change the dynamic for good.
Location: Petaluma, Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California
Telephone: 707-525-4789


Miriam Dyak, BA, RC - Author of The Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Handbook and Exploring Your Inner Landscape. Individual, couple, and Voice Dialogue Sandplay sessions, Facilitator trainings, Relationship Workshops, Teleclasses. Co-Founder of The Voice Dialogue Institute. Available for telephone sessions and Voice Dialogue professional supervision.
Location: Seattle, Washington
Telephone: 206-932-1151


Shakti Gawain - Shakti Gawain is a pioneer in the field of personal development. She is the author of the classic books, Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, The Path of Transformation, and many others. Her books have sold over 10 million copies and have been translated into over 30 languages.

Kate Lampe, MA, LPC CAC-D - Licensed Professional Counselor, Advanced Practice Heart Centered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Certified Addictions Counselor Diplomate, Private practice therapist with 25 years experience.
Location: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Telephone: 610-965-8227


Hal and Sidra Stone, PhDs - The originators of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.
Location: Albion, California
Telephone: 707-937-2424


Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, ACSW, BCD,Cht - Founder of Koumidou Center, LLC, Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher. Individual, couple and family psychotherapy, trainings/workshops/retreats, business consulting. Twenty-five year private practice.
Location: Manhattan, Naussau, Queens, New York
Telephone: 516-568-0306
Websites: and

Myriam Ladeuze
Merike Karm
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