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Conscious Body Training

The Conscious Body training unites the fascinating world of inner selves with the world of the body. When someone faces pain or illness, Conscious Body offers an enlivening approach that uses subtle dialogue and energy awareness to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us.

Conscious Body unearths hidden “selves” that are fervently calling from beneath body symptoms, pain, and illness. These buried selves offer expanded ways of being and new ways of living. When the energy of these newfound selves moves through the body, physical conditions often improve or disappear. Judith Hendin describes this process in her book, The Self behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us.

This training, geared for both personal and professional growth, is highly experiential. It includes practice sessions, exercises, and movement. During the training, participants will have the opportunity to receive individual sessions to work with their own body symptoms. ​

For more information about Conscious Body
The Self Behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us

In this training, you will learn to:

  • Follow the body and meet hidden selves that are calling through physical ailments

  • Recognize the “gatekeepers” – those cultural and personal selves that protect us so well that they can block our inner work

  • Enter the bodypsyche through symbolic avenues

  • Appreciate the Inner Child – “the portal to the heart,” who lies beneath many physical problems

  • Release unexpressed emotions

  • Use the kind of touch that fosters healing (Touch is optional in doing Conscious Body.)

The Effectiveness of

Conscious Body

An analysis of client outcomes over a ten-year period showed that Conscious Body helped 88% of clients to uncover a hidden self behind their physical symptoms. When the client accessed this buried self and allowed its pent-up energy to flow actively through the body, physical symptoms were mitigated, and often resolved entirely. Of 144 client symptoms reported at intake, 85% improved or disappeared. (See full article here)

Conscious Body Training Levels

Basic Level – Steps


In this level, you will learn about the intriguing relationship between inner selves and the body. Any body symptom can lead to a part of us—which can be called a “self”—that is buried inside and is calling to us. When you find this hidden self, personal transformation, as well as physical healing, often occur.

Conscious Body will give you specific steps to find the hidden self that is emerging from a body symptom. The more precise you can be in identifying the self that is calling from behind a body symptom, the more you will be able to support physical healing and life transformation.

Continuing Level – Deepening


In this level, you will address many of the energetic subtleties that promote a high level of expertise in using the Conscious Body process. This training level may be offered in-person or online. It will include teaching, demonstrations, practice sessions, and supervision.

Advanced Level – Healing


This advanced level is for those that want to harness the healing capacity of Conscious Body. You will learn how to bring improvement, and often full healing, to many physical conditions. This applies to a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from back pain and headaches to life-threatening illnesses.As in the previous level, this level may be offered in-person or online, and it will include teaching, demonstrations, practice sessions, and supervision.

For Organizers

If you would like to bring Judith Hendin to your location to teach, either in person or online, visit our Organizers' page.

During and After the Training

CB Trauma Work is a subtle process, so between training meetings, and after the training is completed, you will benefit from receiving Individual Supervision/Mentoring, joining an Online Supervision Group, or finding a Practice Group near you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Conscious Body

“We have a wonderful aftertaste of our meeting with you. I can tell you that I did two successful Conscious Body sessions --one low back pain and one eczema on the hands. Wow!”

Margreet Poulie

Senior Trainer/Coach


Frequently Asked Questions: Trainings

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