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Trauma Training

Conscious Body

Inner Patriarch

From Organizers

Trauma Training

Trauma Training

Based on

Voice Dialogue & the Energies of Selves



“Riveting from start to finish...”

​           “Beyond my wildest expectations…”

                      “Every topic was applicable to the work I am doing...”

                                 “Enjoyed every minute of it...”

                                            “Rich and deep...”                        

                                                       “Pure gold...”

“I appreciate all the hard work and beautiful intention that went into this...”

           “It makes so much sense to work 'the voice dialogue way' with trauma...”

                      “The teaching had such care, sensitivity, patience, and empathy...”

Judith Hendin’s Trauma Training was hands down the best training I have ever received regarding trauma and the selves that deal with it. I saw the complexity of working with trauma, with a panoramic perspective.

           Having studied and worked with trauma for over ten years, it was refreshing to hear an approach that was completely new to me. Judith Hendin is someone who truly knows the work and conveys it in a way that is informative, clear, and deeply experiential.

           I walked out of the workshop with a much better understanding of the selves that come up in trauma and how to work with them in a careful, delicate and balanced way—a way that is healing to the core and is also respectful of the continuous process of the work. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Gretta Salnick, Manager of a program for women with

developmental disabilities and psychiatric needs, USA

“This training is simply extraordinary. It is pure gold. Judith shares her knowledge with so much clarity that it feels easy to apply the concepts in your personal life as well as in your professional practice. Thank you so much for teaching with such generosity!”

Silvia Luna Fagioli, Italy


The Trauma Training with Judith Hendin contains her decades of experience, her spot-on intuition, her warmth in welcoming all selves (even the ones with which we showed up as students), and her love and joy for Voice Dialogue.

           I could see her heart and soul is in this work.

           She holds so much fascination and curiosity towards the human condition and the energies of the selves, it’s really a joy to experience. There was a lightness to all of it, even though the topics themselves are deep and sometimes dark. She has a gentleness in teaching paired with a focus on meeting people exactly where they are. I found my Inner Critic mostly absent during the training, which was a wonderful learning experience in and of itself. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, Judith!

Linda Dendtel, Body Psychotherapist, Facilitator, Germany

Judith Hendin has an incredible ability to hold space for not only tender subject matter [such as trauma], but also all the parts that might show up as you take this course. She helps to make the material digestible and fun and lighthearted. I am considering taking this class over again because it was so helpful for me in so many ways, as well as how much it will serve the people I care about—my patient base, friends, and family.

Dr. Maria Mae De Franco, Holistic Chiropractor, United States


Taking this training after the Voice Dialogue Training with Judith Hendin helped me to get even more insight into Voice Dialogue. It all dropped one level deeper. It gave me more security to have the right tools if trauma comes up in sessions, plus I connected more with myself as well. Thank you so much!

Hannah Kaljushny, Coach, Germany

Points I particularly appreciated were:

- the depth of Judith’s knowledge and her ability to clearly explain/teach each topic with depth and subtlety

- her ability to stay true to the core/root principles of Voice Dialogue

- how she responded to each person’s questions

- the pacing: allowing space for questions, often checking in with the energies present, and using them as in-the-moment teachings

- the focus on energy and naming the energies she was noticing

- the slides, recordings, and written material, all organized and sent in very accessible ways. This is super helpful because I digest and integrate the material in different ways.

         Dulce Ivancko, M.A., Voice Dialogue Facilitator, USA and Brazil



​           “An exceptional and meaningful training…”   

​                   “Brilliant…”   

​                            “Awesome…”

​                                    “Captivating…”         

                                                “Wise and witty…”

​                                                            “Generous…”



“In this trauma training, Judith Hendin generously shares all her knowledge, her findings and insight from over 30 years of experience. She does this in a way that is captivating and authentic, structured and clear, wise and witty. If you're working with people who suffer from trauma and you wish to deepen your work and enrich your skills, you definitely want to work with this exceptional therapist and teacher.

           We have a cake, a gateau, that is called a mille-feuille, which means “a thousand layers.” Actually, the four days with Judith tastes a bit like eating a mille-feuille, because it’s not only as good, but it’s like all these little, little levels, and that’s the work you do, biting through them very, very slowly.”

Catherine Gouffau, Integrative Creative Therapist,

TRE & Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Belgium


“Thank you for your extraordinary training.

           I highly recommend that all Voice Dialogue Facilitators take Judith Hendin’s Trauma Training. I have been a Voice Dialogue Facilitator for 20 years now, have worked extensively with trauma and have attended many trauma trainings outside of Voice Dialogue, and this training was truly exceptional, far exceeding my expectations. Judith’s experience and research over these past decades has resulted in a training that provides the most secure and healing container for working with trauma that I have ever experienced!   

           I appreciated how you broke down each step so clearly, the inclusion of slides really drove home the material. Truly masterful teaching! Judith, I am truly blown away by your training, and would wish that every Voice Dialogue Facilitator would take it.”

Bonnie L. Pfeiffer, Senior Voice Dialogue Teacher/Facilitator, US


“I knew this training would be awesome, but it has been so much more impactful (in the best ways) than I imagined it would be.” 

Mariana Marinescu, Australia


“This training is a perfect addition to a two-year Voice Dialogue training program.

           As a Voice Dialogue facilitator, you never know in advance which energies will arise, and it is indispensable to be prepared for possible trauma. Judith Hendin is not only a very experienced trainer and gifted storyteller, but also a fantastic human being. I can heartily recommend this training to any VD facilitator.”

Auxilia Tromp, the Netherlands


“Judith is a born teacher. She is compassionate and takes her time to make sure all the participants understand the teaching. She leaves no questions or concerns unanswered. Great course. Very professionally done. Kudos.”

Marianne Styler, M.D., Coach

“For me it was an opening to a way which I hope can go on for quite a bit. During the breaks, I always played the piano for 10 minutes. It was very interesting. I think I played much more sensitively and freer. It felt like new kind of openness.”

Helmut, Alexander Technique Teacher, Germany


“Very complicated matter that seems ‘simple’ as it is explained. I also thank you for your generous sharing of cases, it makes the theory become real life.”

Barbara Galbiati, Counselor, Italy


“Judith has developed a model for treating trauma that is masterful, empathic and accessible. This training is a thorough, interactive and enjoyable way of learning her method. In a very organized and engaging way, this training teaches and guides a facilitator in the theory and various ways of working with the client.

           It guides the facilitator through the process that will help a client access the traumatic experience; learn ways to work with the impact of the trauma; and place the trauma in a healing perspective."

Richard E. Gange, M.S., Mindfulness Mentor and Voice Dialogue Facilitator, US


“The slides were excellent and vital at exemplifying/explaining the concepts. All of Judith’s work with the extensive and complex material is remarkable and very much appreciated.

           This Trauma Training based on Voice Dialogue and the Energies of Selves is a necessary and invaluable presentation for understanding and working with the many faces and facets of trauma. I am always interested in how this information helps with my personal journey, as well as understanding the journey of those whom I serve.”

Dr. Joanne Bergen, Licensed Psychologist, US


“Favorite parts of the training: the great experience of Judith, and so many great techniques to explore. It inspires me and gives me the enthusiasm to practice and use more Voice Dialogue. Thanks again for this wonderful training.”

Yann Chappuis, Therapist, Switzerland


“My favorite part of the training was listening to Judith tell about what is very near to her heart, trying almost to put twice the amount of theory and practical advice in the training [than was originally promised].”

Mayke Merten, Coach, the Netherlands  


“I would like to thank you again for this excellent training and for sharing so much of your experience with us. This training will help me in many ways, both for my own personal journey but also to help others. In my opinion this course should be taught widely among therapists all over the world, and would greatly help many persons touched by trauma.

           This course was the best course I have ever attended on the subject of trauma and on Voice Dialogue all together. It is packed with useful and practical information.

           Judith succeeded in presenting this complexity in a very clear manner, with a gradual presentation of the concepts and methods. I especially appreciated that each step was illustrated with many examples and case studies from Judith’s professional experience.

           So for me, this course was helpful in two ways:

- to improve my skills as a facilitator,

- to better understand my own process (which is in my opinion a key to being able to facilitate others)

           The international group of participants from all over the world made it even more interesting; we even discussed differences in culture while applying the method.

           I appreciated the opportunity to ask lots of questions along the way and to share feelings, comments and observations with the group.

           The atmosphere of the training was of great respect from all and non-judgment all along, which made it feel very safe and supportive.

           Judith and her staff did a great job in making this course accessible online, welcoming everyone, creating a warm connection among participants, alternating presentation times (with the help of beautiful slides) with times of questions and answers, and times with exercises in pairs or small groups.

           Thank you again for this excellent training!! Awesome."                 

Jeannine, France

Conscious Body &

the Energy Medicine of Selves

If we are to go sailing on the great oceans of the world, it is good to take a compass. When sailing the seas of the inner world and the body, Judith Hendin's work can be your compass. She is a solid and steady navigator in the great unknown.

Kate Lampe, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist

“Judith Hendin has developed a profound and effective method for hearing the messages our bodies are trying to give us. She is a wonderful healer whose work I highly recommend.”

Shakti Gawain, author of many best-selling books

“Judith Hendin’s unique and inspired work brings genuine physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.”

Marianne Styler, M.D.

“We wholeheartedly recommend Judith Hendin's work. Her rich background has enabled her to give us a fascinating, creative, and transformative new way to think about our physical challenges.” 


Hal and Sidra Stone, PhDs, originators of Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves

I wanted to say thanks for The Self Behind the Symptom. It's a really powerful book and lucid process.

Chris Dierkes, Master of Divinity,

Soul Interpreter

“This is a beautiful book. It is close to the yogi life, how you listen to the inner soul. A person living a truthful life can learn from this. A person who lies will not understand the answers that come from within. It is very useful. Everybody everywhere can use this book.”

Sri Swami Shankar Das Ji, of the

Tat Wallee Ashram, Rishikesh, India

Inner Patriarch

"Judith Hendin has a deep understanding of the Inner Patriarch! I enthusiastically 

recommend her work with this extremely important subject that affects women all over the world.


Her intense interest in this 'Shadow King' began well over 25 years ago, and in the decades since then, she has steadily added to her knowledge and expertise in this field.


Her wide-ranging explorations (both inner and outer) have yielded a broad range of rich material that she presents with the excellence of a true master teacher!"


Sidra Stone, PhD   

Author of The Shadow King and   

Co-creator of Voice Dialogue   

Praise from Organizers

“You and your work and your being are a blessing for people all over the world.” 

Merike Kärm

Body-Mind Therapist

Voice Dialogue Facilitator


“It is with great satisfaction and deep gratitude that I look back on your visit and the time we all spent together.”

Marijke Leys 

Psychotherapist / Trainer

Director of Voice Dialogue Institute Belgium 


“I just have to say that it's such a pleasure working and being with you."

Andrea Naurath

Coach / Actress

Director of Voice

Dialogue Berlin


“I received great feedback from the participants. They had a big, strong and deep experience! Thank you for all you did, and for all you taught us.”

Elena Dragotto

Counselor / Psychologist

Director of Institute HeskaiHer

Voice Dialogue Counseling School


“It was great to have you over with us in our Dutch center and to learn from you. I loved the way you worked with us. You have this tremendously caring way of healing people and your teachings are excellent. I can highly recommend you.”

Judith Budde

Co-author of Me, My Selves and I

and Handboek Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue Teacher / Coach


Conscious Body
Inner Patriarch
From Organizers
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