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“Judith Hendin has developed a profound and effective method for hearing the messages our bodies are trying to give us. She is a wonderful healer whose work I highly recommend.”

Shakti Gawain, author of many best-selling books

“Judith Hendin’s unique and inspired work brings genuine physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.”

Marianne Styler, M.D.

“We wholeheartedly recommend Judith Hendin's work. Her rich background has enabled her to give us a fascinating, creative, and transformative new way to think about our physical challenges.” 

Hal and Sidra Stone, PhDs, originators of Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves

Conscious Body


Conscious Body is a powerful way to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us through physical symptoms.

The idea that messages are coming through body symptoms is not new. Methods of working with this abound in alternative healing circles.

After a decade of working with her clients’ physical ailments, Judith Hendin discovered a dynamic, dramatic way of understanding the body-mind connection. Because she is well versed in the existence of inner parts, or “selves,” Judith heard the messages from the body as calls from inner selves, selves that have been hidden inside and are passionately calling to be found. She calls this work “Conscious Body.”

“Bodies are devised to

 guide us in consciousness.

  Follow the energy of pain or

   illness and you will find

    characters inside bursting to

     express—emotions held back

      for decades, a little child

       cheerfully playing,

       Aphrodite's sexy hips 

       swaying. All these, and many

       more, are medicine."


Conscious Body Writings

"The Energy Medicine of Selves"

Anyone who has ever said, “A part of me wants to do this, but another part of me wants to do that,” knows about selves . . .  Read more

"Conscious Body Stories"

Glenda’s red rash covered her chest, and neither she nor her doctor had a clue about what was causing it . . .  Read more

"A 10-year Analysis of the Effectiveness of Conscious Body"

Conscious Body helped 88% of clients to uncover a hidden self behind the symptom . . . . Of 144 symptoms reported at intake, 85% improved or disappeared . . .  Read more

"Inside a Session"

One momentous day, Jessica appeared at my office, barely able to walk . . .  Read more

"Conscious Body for Coaches"

Coaches who want to use Conscious Body face several important issues . . .   Read more

Conscious Body & Voice Dialogue: Compared


Life Enhancement

When Conscious Body unearths a hidden self, that self needs to be given a place in your life. If a kind, demure woman with a skin rash discovers a hidden part of herself that wants to be assertive and speak its mind, then this part needs to be incorporated into the woman’s life, gently and gradually. With the discovery of any hidden self, Conscious Body opens the door to personal expansion and transformation. 

Physical Improvement

Every inner self has an energetic vibration, and this energy affects the body directly. Think of the different ways you feel when you are: happy, sad, angry, sexy, playful, vulnerable, scared, diligent, hard-working, pleasing, caretaking. Each of these states feels different because it has a different energy. Each of these energies affects your body. And each of these energies can be seen as an inner self.

A hidden self brings completely new and different energy to the body, and this energy offers medicine that often brings physical healing. When faced with pain or illness, Conscious Body helps us find the medicine hidden within. Conscious Body is a useful adjunct to medical treatment and may speed the healing process.

Conscious Body is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy.

Conscious Body is compatible with any system of medical practice, bodywork, psychotherapy, or consciousness development.

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