Conscious Body Trauma Work


Comments from Clients

“Internal matters (related to trauma) that were lying inert have been brought to light.” 

“My feelings (about this work) ranged from huge interest, curiosity, and a desire to learn, to awe for the Hurt Child within and all of the other selves involved in trauma, and, finally, awe for Judith Hendin who has dedicated so much time and energy to help them and us.”

CB Trauma Work guides clients through a sensitive recovery process, taking into consideration many inner selves that are connected to the trauma, including: the Gatekeeper self that is reluctant to venture into trauma work at all; many different manifestations of the Hurt Child; the Hurt Body; the reclamation of disowned selves that were lost during trauma; the Protector self; and many others. CB Trauma Work allows clients to recognize and care for the diverse selves that arise in this deep process. 

Conscious Body Trauma Work developed naturally as an extension of Conscious Body. As Judith Hendin was using Conscious Body to discover hidden selves that were calling through body symptoms, she frequently found a self that held buried trauma. Over two decades, she developed CB Trauma Work as a way to work with trauma from the perspective of inner selves and their energies.

CB Trauma Training

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CB Trauma Work

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