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Training Programs

These trainings welcome facilitators and therapists,

as well as individuals pursuing their own personal development:

"Judith Hendin's teaching is excellent! We highly recommend her."                      – Hal & Sidra Stone, PhDs,

originators of Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves

For more information on upcoming trainings, please see Calendar of Events.

Training in Italy

Information For Organizers

Frequently Asked Questions:


Special Thanks


Valentina Erika Bassi has become a treasured collaborator in my international teachings. She provides wise counsel on every aspect, including course content, the aesthetics of presentations, and technical expertise. Her generosity and patience are legendary.

As the director of TRE Counseling Academy near Milan, Italy, she has invited me to teach several times in this wonderful school, both in person and online. She cares deeply about each of her students and colleagues. We have even taught courses together, where she brings warmth, sensitivity, humor, depth, and spontaneity—all while fluently speaking another language, English.


Since Valentina Bassi and I first met in 2010, she has exhibited the highest values in teaching and counseling. She brings a wealth of knowledge—learned both from many years of education, and also from her own honest and brave personal explorations.


She possesses an amazing gift for creating community, and I am deeply grateful that she has welcomed me into this community.

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