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*** Coming soon ***

6-Day Online Training

Conscious Body:

Healing with the Energy Medicine of Selves

with Judith Hendin

November 10, 11, 12 & December 1, 2, 3

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

For full details, click here.

Underneath much pain and illness,

an inner part is struggling to be heard.

Conscious Body provides a map for discovering

this valuable hidden part that is unique to each person.

This greatly expands life, and often heals the body.


In this training you will learn to:

  • Discover buried “shadow” voices that offer pure gold in personal development

  • Use the clear steps of the Conscious Body process

  • Identify the 4 types of selves that arise from physical symptoms

  • Move the energy of a newfound self

  • Potentially bring healing


Who is this training for?

  • Professionals will gain powerful tools to work with clients, in-person or online. This is for therapists, psychologists, counselors, medical doctors, nurses, other health care practitioners, coaches, and bodyworkers.

  • Individuals on your own path of self-development are also welcome.


“Judith Hendin has developed a profound and effective method for hearing the messages our bodies are trying to give us. She is a wonderful healer whose work I highly recommend.”

Shakti Gawain, Best-selling author of many books


For full details and to register, click here.




An exceptional and meaningful training... Extraordinary..."


See Homepage for more testimonials about this Trauma Training


Trauma Training

Based on Voice Dialogue & the Energies of Selves

with Judith Hendin

Take a new look at trauma.
Meet specific inner characters that illuminate trauma work.

HC boy scrunched up.png
Hurt Child-girl.jpg

The Hurt Child within the adult

Discover crucial inner selves

  • Learn to facilitate selves that allow you to meet the Hurt Child, the self that holds the trauma.

  • Use the principle of opposites to reveal profound conflicts in trauma issues.

  • Meet unusual selves that strongly influence the trauma landscape.

  • Allow the traumatized body to speak as a self.

  • Apply this work to all types of trauma.

Who is this training for?

  • Professionals who want to integrate this approach into their current practice

  • Other professionals, students, and interested persons who want to understand trauma better, from a Voice Dialogue perspective

  • Individuals on their own trauma journey who want to gain insight through the lens of selves and energies. This training is not a way to fully process your own trauma; that would require individual attention.

two people with light.png


This training is only for people who already know Voice Dialogue, either through facilitating or receiving sessions. Basic Voice Dialogue will not be taught in this training -- we simply won't have time. You need to know about: primary and disowned selves, energetics, facilitation structure, and the Aware Ego Process.

Choose the training format that is most convenient for you:





Both training formats are 24 hours total.

All meetings are on Zoom and are recorded.




Voice Dialogue &

the Psychology of Selves

Voice Dialogue is a powerful, yet simple, method of speaking with the diverse parts, or “selves,” within all of us. Voice Dialogue is used by therapists, psychologists, counselors, health care professionals, and creative artists around the world, as well as individuals on their own consciousness journey.


While there are several ways of working with parts, 

Voice Dialogue is unique among them,

profound as well as powerfully effective.



LENGTH: 5 days.

TRAINING INGREDIENTS: Lectures, demonstrations, practice with partners, movement and drawing explorations.

RECORDINGS: Will be available for the entire course.



Who is welcome to attend this 

Voice Dialogue introductory course?

  • Professionals who want to integrate Voice Dialogue into their current practice. This training is an opportunity for professionals to enrich your therapeutic skills while also deepening your own personal journey. Voice Dialogue is compatible with, and can be integrated into, any other form of inner work.

  • Individuals on their own consciousness journey who want to gain insight through the lens of selves and energies. 



In this training, you will experience and learn: 


  • Voice Dialogue facilitation 

  • The Psychology of Selves - the theory behind Voice Dialogue

  • Primary selves - the parts we identify with, who we think we are

  • Disowned selves - the parts we bury inside, some of our greatest gifts 

  • Talk to anything - anything can talk as a self

  • The energies of selves - their vibrant energetic reality

  • The Aware Center (Aware Ego) - a unique consciousness, in the professional, the client, and everyone

  • Personal and Impersonal energies - a delicate balance

  • Trauma Work - a taste of the trauma training

  • ShadowDance - the freedom to be whole and embrace the light and the dark from within 


“Voice Dialogue is original and brilliant.”

John Bradshaw, author of Healing the Shame that Binds You


"Judith Hendin's teaching is excellent! We highly recommend her."

Hal & Sidra Stone, originators of 

Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves


“Judith Hendin’s training was enlightening . . . intimate and safe     . . . inspiring . . . uplifting. . .”

Former training participants

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