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Conscious Body Trauma Training


This training offers a unique and effective approach

to working with trauma through inner selves and their energies. 


In today’s world most of our clients have experienced trauma. The wounding may have begun early in life—as criticism, neglect, and abandonment, or as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. The wounding may also have come later in adulthood—in personal relationships, at work, in medical situations, or even in political systems. 

In this training you will learn foundational steps to prepare clients to be able to address trauma issues with safety and sensitivity—even if they do the actual trauma work with someone else. You will learn how to: 

  • Recognize, and explain to clients, that any trauma is carried by a part of us - it is not all of who we are

  • Strengthen the primary selves that maintain everyday life 

  • Consult the Gatekeeper, a key self in this work

  • Identify certain primary selves that want to lead the inner work 

  • Decipher dreams that bring wisdom from the unconscious

  • Listen to messages from the body that help guide the journey

  • Develop the Aware Center (Aware Ego), a high level of consciousness

Beyond these preparatory steps, this training will introduce you to a few specific ways of working with the part that carries the trauma, such as how to:

— Gently find this hurt part by contacting it “from a distance” 

— Create a Nestling Spot to foster awareness of this hurt part

— Care for the hurt part in ways that are surprising to the client

— Empower the hurt part by witnessing and honoring its experience

— Allow expression of the many different energies carried by this hurt part


At the end of this training, you will have a new view of trauma that can support you and your clients with sensitivity and empowerment.