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Dance for Peace

Written by Judith Hendin for World Peace Day

It has been said 
We are a mirror
God is All 
And All is God…….
It has been said that 
God is within
The Universe is Within


You and me and the person sitting next to you
and Mother Teresa and Sadam Hussein
The Universe is within

Does that mean only the happy part of the Universe, the part we like, 
The Smiles? 
Or does that mean 
The Tigers, The Hailstorms, The Flailing Disagreements


Whatever part of the Universe Within we do not accept 
Appears around us 
Not all at once—no human could face their wholeness and survive 
But bit by bit it comes


When the Universe is ready for us to meet a new aspect of our Selves 
It brings it in the form of a person…or a nation… 
That we cannot stand. 
We judge this, it looks foreign…disgusting…alien… 
We could never be like that!


And the Universe laughs, … and waits for us to grow that big

So I ask you to take a giant leap across a mountain range of misunderstanding 
I ask you to consider 
that the fighting around the world 
reflects our own need to admit 
that we’ve got a fight going on within 
I ask you to consider 
that when we see a selfish person in the world, 
no matter how generous we are, 
they mirror the selfishness within 
when we see a killer in the world, 
no matter how gentle we be, 
we are called to acknowledge the animal killer instinct within


When we embrace the whole spectrum of life within ourselves 
We bring balance to ourselves 
And to the world


The Universe of God is 
Grace shines upon it 
By transforming ourselves, we transform the world ……


There’s a happy ending to this tale. 

As we accept these energies within ourselves, 
They need not appear in the world outside us. 
As I accept my prejudice 
We can hold hands……


Peace is no dulling of the senses. 
Peace is Alive Alive Alive 
The passionate Beauty of our Limitless Humanity

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