Judith Hendin, a senior facilitator and international teacher for 30 years, warmly invites you to take advantage of these avenues for deep and profound inner development:

Individual session-other people would ne

  • Trainings and workshops are open to individuals pursuing personal growth as well as professionals seeking effective tools to enhance their work with clients.

  • Private sessions offer unique ways to resolve your life challenges as you expand the potential of who you are and who you can become. 


Freedom, Zenos Frudakis, sculptor © 2000.

  • Voice Dialogue – Each of us is made up of a fascinating family of inner parts, or “selves,” that tremendously affect our life and our health. Voice Dialogue is a powerful, and often fun, method of meeting these aspects of yourself and discovering how they motivate all that you think, feel, do, and say.

  • Conscious Body - Behind any physical ailment, a hidden inner self may be fervently calling. The discovery of this buried self often brings actual physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth. Conscious Body was founded by Judith Hendin, and has helped many ailments.

  • CB Trauma Work - Framing trauma work in the perspective of inner selves and their energies provides a sensitive way to work with trauma. Developed by Judith Hendin, in this Trauma Work you will meet the Gatekeeper, the Hurt Child, the Protector, and many other inner parts that make the journey both safe and profound.

Upcoming Events


ONLINE TRAUMA TRAINING based on Voice Dialogue and the Energies of Selves

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Recent Events

Judith Hendin was invited to present "The Hurt Child in Trauma Work" at the French Voice Dialogue conference in Paris. The presentation was very warmly received. And she did it in French!

From there, Judith went on to Italy where she led a 3-day training in Conscious BodyPsyche Trauma Work, sponsored by TRE Counseling and the wonderful Valentina Bassi.

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In case you’re wondering about the image in the header:

For many years, I found myself sketching a picture—a diamond-shaped center surrounded by four ovals. At the time, it had no meaning for me. Then one day, while on a teaching trip in France, I walked into a jewelry shop and saw a ring made of mother-of-pearl, with the exact same design. It took my breath away. I bought the ring and always wear it when I am teaching. I now realize that the design may be an archetypal symbol of what Jung called “quaternity”—a four-sided figure that represents wholeness.

And so the ring sits atop this website, in the hope

that deep inner work may bring wholeness to us all.