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International Practice Groups

Conscious Body Practice Groups exist in several countries, where you can give, receive, and observe Conscious Body sessions under the wise guidance of an experienced facilitator. Conscious Body is a subtle process, and I highly recommend that you join a Practice Group if one is near you. For further information, please contact the facilitators listed here.


Language: Dutch and English

Leader: Brigitte Dhondt



Language: Estonian

Leader: Merike Kärm 



Language: French

Leader: Myriam Ladeuze


If you would like to organize a new Conscious Body Practice Group, please  contact us and we will support you however we can. 

“After I attended the training in Conscious Body in Belgium with Judith Hendin, I attended several Conscious Body Practice Groups over the course of a year. It was wonderful to work in a small group; we got to know each other well. There was a great sense of trust between us. I benefitted hugely from those meetings, both personally and professionally. Because of these Practice Groups, I arrived at a deeper level of trusting myself with Conscious Body in my work as a coach.

“As an added benefit, Judith joined us on Skype to give an hour of Supervision. {add link to Supervision page} She helped us delve into our personal, as well as professional issues. She encouraged us to explore underlying themes in our client cases, and she talked about new developments in her own work with Conscious Body. Thank you, Judith.”

Mayke Merten,